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Beko FSE52320DXD cooker Freestanding cooker Black, Stainless steel Gas A (FSE52320DXD)

620,39 лв
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Beko FSE52320DXD Gas-electric cookerDescriptionFSE52320DXD The gas-electric kitchenPowerful gas burnersSpecially designed construction of burners allowed to significantly increase their efficiency. Thanks to this, you will save up to 35% of the time and up to 17% of gas consumed while cooking your favorite dishes. Door with full glassThe oven door both from the outside and from the inside are made of full glass and without screws and bends, which makes cleaning easier. On some models, it is possible to remove the inner pane for more thorough cleaning. Steam cleaningThe function helps to soften the most persistent dirt and greasy stains, making cleaning the oven chamber even simpler. An intuitive semi-sensor displayIntuitive display and ergonomic knobs allow easy management of the oven. Thanks to them, we will quickly select the necessary function. In addition, the display fits perfectly into the modern aesthetics of the product. Energy class A (from A +++ to D)Energy class A in Beko products is a guarantee of care for the natural environment and savings for your family budget. Lock against children:Thanks to this function, it is possible to lock the buttons or knob in case the child plays with them. It also prevents accidental changes during the work of the product. thawingThe use of the hot air function also allows you to quickly thaw frozen foods guaranteeing the effect in a few minutes!Baking and hot air circulationThanks to the simultaneous operation of the bottom and top heater and thermo-flow, faster burning is possible! Perfect for preparing cookies, for example!Traditional bakingThe lower and upper heater heat the food while working simultaneously. It is an ideal solution for baking cakes, meats and other dishes when you want to get a crispy top. A spacious storage space for kitchen accessoriesBeko cookers have a spacious and comfortable storage space, which is an ideal place for storing kitchen accessories. Stainless steel resistant to fingerprintsSome oven models have a control panel made of steel resistant to fingerprints. Thanks to the special coating, the device is always clean, shiny and with no signs of touching. SecurityIn order to increase the safety of using BEKO gas stoves, an automatic ignition system and an anti-surge gas system were used. In the event of a flood or a blast of air, the gas stream is automatically shut off. This is the standard for BEKO products. GrillThis option is ideal for grilling meat, sausages, toasts or fish. IgniterThe lighter integrated with knobs allows easy and convenient lighting of the burners. Характеристики
Construction:gas и electric
No. of cooking zones:4
oven plates:- Front left burner: 2.9 kW- Rear left burners: 2 kW- Front right burner: 1 kW- Rear right burners: 2 kW- Grates: Enamelled (Mat)- Burner igniter: in the knob- Gas flow protections in burners
Капацитет:55 l
Hot air:yes
Electronic programmer:yes
oven functions:down и up heattimerdefrostinggrillheat downsafety lock
Енергиен клас:A
Височина:85 cm
Широчина:50 cm
Дълбочина:60 cm
Тегло, kg:44.5 kg

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